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Basic Breakdown about all our Services and More...

Here at Environmental Expert Solutions, LLC there are a variety of services that we are able to perform. Tree removal and tree trimming work side by side with water management as our top services. They are often overlooked until they are often no longer considered 

Tree Trimming/Removal

No matter how high or down low your tree is, we have you covered. We will come out and give you an estimate for free or you may email us pictures and information of your project. Power lines? No problem. We are a license and insured company. 

Concrete (Flat/Decorative)

Sometimes all you need is just a little crack repair and other times you need to start from scratch and that's ok. Let us take away that stress and ease your mind with years of experience we can help fix those cracks and replace those steps or driveways. 

Retaining Wall

Many times people look at retaining walls as something for decoration but did you know that retaining walls are used to help with your water management needs. You need a place to keep the water from pooling down  your yard, retaining wall and beautiful flowers is the answer. Let us help you create a masterpiece that will solve those awful water issues. 

Water Management

Underground guttering systems that help take the water away from your property and out toward the streets is no longer a thing of the past. Water pooling up in your yard for those pesky mosquitos to linger-NO MORE! We're here!! 

Snow/Ice Removal

In those frigid Missouri months get on our winter weather list. We will come to your house anytime the snow an ice comes and take care of your winter weather needs. Salt before the ice comes and shoveling in the snow. Don't worry about slipping and falling when trying to head out the door. We've got your rear-end protected. 

Hauling/ Trailer Rental 

Need a lot of something hauled away or just to rent a large dump trailer for a day or two, call us and we've got just what you need. 

What our customers are saying

"They did an excellent job! I had a fairly large tree stump in the fence line that needed to be removed prior to putting new fence in. Fence slats were removed and even put back even though the fence is coming down in a few weeks. Very helpful in letting me know what work needs to be done prior to this install. Great husband and Wife team".

Jennifer L- Yelp 

About our Yearly Maintenance Program

Yearly Service


Per Year

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Assessment of overall tree health including: soil and water erosion and an assessment and removal of any dangerous limbs on any tree that we have previously serviced. This alo includes general light trimming to those same serviced trees. 

Our yearly maintenance program includes a once a year check-up on any tree previously serviced by us a year from when it was serviced. 

Why is this Important? 

-Due to weather changes occuring so rapidly in our area, it is important to think ahead for things such as: major storms lightening, water and soil erosion, tornadoes, frost, etc. 

- Being prepared saves money in the end and can save lives

Did you know? That any tree that we remove, we plant a new tree in memory of the tree our environment lost? That is just one of the many ways that we can help give back to the world!!

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